Bruce Wayne crying after the terrible event that came to be known as the Park Row tragedy.[1]

The Park Row tragedy refers to the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne in Park Row.

Bruce Wayne witnessed the murder, which was committed by a mugger named Joe Chill.


Prior to the tragedy, the Wayne family were walking home from a film based upon the character known as Robin Hood. Young Bruce told his dad that he thought that "Robin Hood was something else." They take a short cut through Park Row, and that is where they are confronted by a mysterious mugger named Joe Chill.

The tragedy

Joe Chill confronts the family and attempts to rob them, trying to take Martha Wayne's purse, but he is met with resistance by Thomas Wayne and so he pulls out a gun and shoots both of them, and Bruce witnesses the murder. They drop to the ground, under a rainy Gotham City sky. Bruce sobs as he watches his parents bleed to death.


The Park Row tragedy was what lead Bruce Wayne to choose a career as a crimefighter. He went through a number of different types of training, both physical and mental. With the help of his guardian Alfred Pennyworth, he would develop the Batsuit, and a number of other gadgets and vehicles to help him fight crime as Batman.

As for Park Row, it from then on became known as Crime Alley, because of the terrible tragedy that shattered the Wayne family. Bruce Wayne himself was traumatized by the alley, and he never returned there again, because of his fear of it. He never returned that is, until he was able to conquer his fear. This wasn't until 1985.[2] At that point, every year, on the anniversary of his parent's deaths, Bruce brings roses to this alley and places them in memory of the event and people that made him what he is.[3]


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