Perry White
Perry White (2)
Real name: Perry White
Species: Human
Hair: brown
Relatives: Anne White (wife)
Base: Metropolis
Affiliations: Daily Planet
Voiced/Played: Stanley Ralph Ross[1]

Perry White is the editor in chief of the Daily Planet. He is a man of high journalistic standards, who wants nothing but the truth when it comes to reporting the news. He is a heavy smoker, very irascible, outspoken, and he yells a lot, but he is fair minded.

Although he is the chief, he despises being called that, and he is constantly telling people not to call him that, particularly Jimmy Olsen.

He also has the tendency to curse a lot when frustrated, using phrases such as Great Caesar's Ghost!

During the late 1980's, Perry was married to a woman named Anne.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Super powers





  • Cigars: As already mentioned, Perry was a heavy smoker.



Perry White only appeared in one episode for the entire series.


Perry White[3]

Episode Appearances/References

The New Adventures of Superman


Appearances in Other Media


  1. Stanley Ralph Ross provided the voice of the character in the Superman (TV series).
  2. This was revealed in the Superman (TV series), episode: Wildsharkk
  3. As seen in Merlin's Magic Marbles.

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