The Phantom Zone[1]

The Phantom Zone is a matterless void. It is another dimension created by Jor-El to contain the galaxy's most terrible criminals.[2]

In the uncharted void of deep-space an incredible 5th Dimension of space and time lies parallel to the universe that we know. This interesting interstellar warp which holds the most sinister and ruthless criminals in the galaxy is the infamous Phantom Zone.

— Narrator, Terror from the Phantom Zone

You can be sent to the Phantom Zone with the Phantom Zone Ray, that Superman keeps at the Fortress of Solitude.

People that were sent to the Phantom Zone


SuperFriends (TV series)

Superman (TV series)

More Coming Soon!


  1. As it appeared in the Superman (1988) episode The Hunter.
  2. As was told in the Superman (1988) episode The Hunter

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