Proton Shrinker
Brainiac's Proton Shrinker

Brainiac's Proton Shrinker 2

The Proton Shrinker,[1] also known as a Hyper-Ray,[2] was a device used by Brainiac to shrink any object.

On one occasion, he used the Hyper-Ray to miniaturize the lost Kryptonian city of Kandor, so he could fit it inside a large bottle, and take it to his creator, professor Hecla. The design for the weapon is incredibly advanced. Even Superman is unable to figure out how to duplicate it, hence his inability to restore Kandor to normal size.


In the first-season of Filmation's The New Adventures of Superman (1966-1969):

  1. Superman Meets Brainiac
  2. The Return of Brainiac

Hanna Barbera’s Super Friends:

  • Coming Soon!!


  1. The name of Brainiac's shrink ray was mentioned by Lex Luthor in the Season 3 (1978) episode, Monolith of Evil.
  2. Hyper-Ray was its Silver Age designation.

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