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SuperFriends Team Member

Rima the Jungle Girl
Rima 1
Real name: Rima
AKA: The Daughter of the Didi
Species: Metahuman
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: White
Base: Hall of Justice
Affiliations: SuperFriends
Abilities: communicates with animals
Played by: Shannon Farnon (Season 2)
Kathy Garver (1980 Short)[?]
Rima 3

Rima the Jungle Girl is a superheroine and a part-time member of the Justice League of America.

Background Information

Natives avoided her forest, calling her "the Daughter of the Didi" (an evil spirit), but Rima's only defense is a reputation for magic, earned through the display of strange talents such as talking to birds, befriending animals, and plucking poison darts from the air.[1]

Rima 4
Rima call

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers

  • Animal Empathy: She has the ability to understand and communicate with animals.


Episode Appearances


  • Rima sprang from a Victorian adventure novel, 'Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest', published in 1904 by the Argentine-British writer W. H. Hudson. He based Rima on a persistent South American legend about a lost tribe of white people who lived in the mountains. The novel was adapted into a film of the same name in 1959 in which actress Audrey Hepburn portrayed her. The film also starred Anthony Perkins and was directed by Mel Ferrer.
  • Rima first appeared in comic book form in Rima the Jungle Girl vol.1, #1[2] (May 1974).
    • The series was a short-lived seven-issue comic book series Rima the Jungle Girl, published by DC Comics from May 1974 to May 1975.Which was an adaptation of the original novel until issue #4, then became original stories, picking up where the film left off.[3].
    • Rima the Jungle Girl is published on a bi-monthly basis.
    • It was adapted by an uncredited writer. Starting with issue #5, DC writer-editor Robert Kanigher is given credit.
  • Rima is not intended to be a Tarzan type character, rather she was intended to be portrayed as:[4]
    • goddess of the forest
    • preserver of the forest
    • preserver of the animals

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External Links


  1. Based on her 7-part comic book series, Rima the Jungle Girl, Vol. 1 (May 1974 - May 1975) which can be found at the DC Database .
  2. Go to the DC Database for more on Rima the Jungle Girl vol.1, #1 (May 1974)
  3. As revealed in the 7-part comic book series, Rima the Jungle Girl, Vol. 1 (May 1974 - May 1975).
  4. From the DVD commentary on Season 2 vol. 1.

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