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SuperFriends Team Member

Samurai 1
Real name: Toshio Eto
Species: Metahuman
Homeworld: Earth, Japan near the Village of Gorobi
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: black
Base: Hall of Justice
Affiliations: SuperFriends
Weaponry: Power sword
Played by: Jack Angel
Sam 3

As he appeared in Season 6

Samurai is a Japanese superhero, and member of the Justice League, who has the ability to command the winds.


His real name is Toshio Eto, and he was a history professor prior to becoming a superhero.

One day, Eto was struck by a beam of light sent by the Gods of New Genesis,[1] who were trying to create more superheroes to defend the world from Darkseid.[2]

Toshio soon went by the name, Samurai and would begin to use these powers in the service of mankind. He would later became a member of the SuperFriends. At first, his career was spent fighting against Lex Luthor’s Legion of Doom, but later his colleagues and he committed themselves to combating Darkseid.

Sam 2
Sam 5
Sam 6
Journey into Darkness = Samuari
Samuari holding his sword 2


The Samurai is Karate expert, and he usually relied upon a spoken mantra in order to activate his powers.

  • Aerokinesis: When Samurai says: Kaze no yo ni Hayaku! (Swift as the Wind):
    All or the lower half of Samurai's body is surrounded by a tornado. This also allows him to manipulate wind currents.
  • Invisibility: When he says: Tomei Ningen! (Invisible Man):
    he becomes invisible
  • Pyrokinesis: When he says: Igo Moen! (Great Flame Go):
    he bursts into flames.[3]
  • Illusion Casting: When he says: Higa Moay! (the first half translates to un-real):
    he can cast illusions.[4]


  • Power Sword

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Episode Appearances

Season 2: The All-New Super Friends Hour (1977)

Season 3: Challenge of the SuperFriends (1978)

1980 Shorts

1981 Shorts

1983 Shorts

Season 4: SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show (1984)

Season 5: The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians (1985)


  • The character of Samurai is exclusive to the Earth-1A and Earth-1B. Samurai appeared in Justice League of America 46 (Aug. 2010) in the mainstream DC Universe. Samurai also appeared in DC One Million 80-Page Giant #1 (Aug. 1, 1999), where he is seen to be one of many people from an alternate reality to be shown.
  • Samurai spoke in a slow, stereotypical fashion of Asian Americans.
  • He would often slip into his native Japanese at seemingly random intervals, like thanking his teammates with "arigato" when they rescued him or referring to another character as "-san".
  • He mostly appeared in the Challenge of the SuperFriends series as a fully active member of the team, he later made sporadic appearances in the later The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians.

Other Versions

Justice League



Wind Dragon is a fictional character featured in the animated series Justice League Unlimited and is a member of the Ultimen.[5]

Young Justice

A different take on Samurai was seen in Season 2 of Young Justice. A Japanese girl named Asami Koizumi (Nicknamed "Sam" by her American friends) was abducted from her home in Japan by the Reach due to her Metahuman ability of manipulating chi energy.

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  1. New Genesis is the twin planet of Apokolips. They were both ruled by Highfather.
  2. This continuity is a conjectural origin based on the "Super Powers" version of the character.
  3. This ability is only used twice in the show's run.
  4. He only used this ability in one episode of The All-New Super Friends Hour and in the short, Video Victims )
  5. For more on Wind Dragon member of the Ultimen go to the DCAU

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