Real name: Karshon
Species: Mutated tiger shark
Homeworld: Earth
Hair: black
Eyes: yellow
Rogue of: Aquaman
Green Lantern
Weaponry: Immobilizer Ray Gun
Voiced/Played: Robert Ridgely

Shark is a supervillain, and an enemy of the Super Friends.

Back in 77', he and a bunch of other pirates used a immobilizer ray gun to immobilize ships and steal valuables to fund a fleet of attack ships to protect the seas from oil refinery, weapons testing, and overfishing. But he and his pirates are stopped by Batman, Robin and Aquaman.

Background Information

There have been three versions of the Shark in DC Comics. Out of the three versions, the Earth-1A version mostly resembles the 3rd version.

Shark (World War II frogman):

The first Shark is a non-superpowered commando. Along with his other companions named SaItalic textrdine and Whale, he is part of the World War II-era fighting unit called the Frogmen. His sole appearance is in Showcase, Vol. 1 #3 (July-August 1956).[1] The story was written by Robert Kanigher, and illustrated by Russ Heath.

Shark (Gunther Hardwicke):

The second Shark is the secret identity of criminal Gunther Hardwicke. He is a member of the Terrible Trio, along with Fox and Vulture. He wears a shark mask and uses fish-themed technology to commit crimes. This Shark and the Terrible Trio debuted in Detective Comics, Vol. 1 #253 (March 1958).[2]

Shark (Karshon):

The third Shark debuted in Green Lantern, Vol. 2 #24 (October 1963).[3] He is a tiger shark that rapidly mutated after exposure to nuclear waste. The rapid evolutionary growth gives him high intelligence, a humanoid appearance, and telepathic powers, but leaves him with his bloodthirsty shark instincts. Shark's killer instincts drive him to seek out prey that he can terrify. He eventually seeks out Green Lantern when he learns that the hero is without fear. Even though he uses his telepathy to discover Green Lantern's vulnerability to yellow, the Shark is unable to overcome the Green Lantern's will power. Green Lantern uses his ring to devolve the Shark back into his primitive form, then places him under guard at the Coast City aquarium.


The All-New Super Friends Hour (1977):


  • In the comics, Shark is an enemy of Green Lantern. However, Green Lantern did not appear in the episode, The Protector; so it's uncertain as to his relationship with the villain. He bears little resemblance to the Shark who was a foe of Green Lantern, though, so it's likely this is a different villain calling himself the Shark.
  • The Shark is also seen to be an occasional adversary of Aquaman in the comics, who has a big role in the episode of the Shark's appearance.

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