Smallville Orphanage (Adoption), 1988

The Smallville Orphanage.[1]

21 outside orphanage

The Kents take baby Kal-El to the County Orphanage.[2]

The County Orphanage is an orphanage located in Smallville. Mr. Warner was the administrator of the facility. Not long after Jonathan and Martha Kent discovered baby Kal-El, they took him to this orphanage, only to later adopt him.



  • Jonathan and Martha Kent: They brought Clark to the orphanage to begin with, and later adopt him.
  • Joseph Walters and his wife (a couple that had gone to see Clark but decided not to adopt him)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenny (a couple that was animal lovers, but when they saw that Clark had taken a lion from the zoo into his room, they decided not to adopt him)


Season 1 (1973):

Superman (TV series) (1988):


  1. From the 1988 Superman Series, episode, The Adoption.
  2. From Season 1 episode, The Planet Splitter.

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