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Legion of Doom Team Member

Solomon Grundy
S Grundy
Real name: Cyrus Gold[1]
Species: Zombie[2]
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: white
Base: Hall of Doom
Affiliations: Legion of Doom
Rogue of: Superman, Batman
Voiced/Played: Jimmy Weldon
Solomon Grundy Gallery
8 Sol

Mickey Morton as Solomon Grundy in his 1979, live action appearance.

Solomon Grundy is a zombie supervillain. He was named after the classic nursery rhyme. He is a member of the Legion of Doom, and his strength is close to that of Superman's.

The Earth-1A Version

Grundy was originally an ordinary human male who lived many decades ago and died face down in a swamp. He was mysteriously revived as a large zombie-like creature and knew intuitively that a Monolith deep within the Earth brought him back to life.[3]

Background Information


Solomon Grundy from the parallel-universe of Earth-Two, came to the reality known as Earth-One where he fought this universe's version of Superman (the Silver-age version).[4] Soon after, in the parallel-universe of Earth-One, a villain named the Parasite[5] used an enhanced crystal to metabolically hasten the growth of residual cells left over from the real Grundy's visit to Metropolis when he fought Superman. This new threat, was a more bestial version an during a clash with Superman, it was determined his might was too much a match for the Man of Steel, so Superman flew the monster to an alien world inhospitable to all save the hardiest life forms. There, under the planet's reduced gravity, the Earth-One Grundy was appeased when Superman gave him a cape to wear as the zombie propelled himself through the air mimicking his one-time adversary.

This version returned to Earth to plague Superman who at one point, teamed up with the Swamp Thing and together used a compound from S.T.A.R. Labs which seemingly killed the unkillable man-thing. They didn't realize that this was only a clone.[6] Grundy later retured, leading a gang in Gotham City. Grundy was apparently destroyed yet again when Batman tricked the creature into a blast furnace, where it wad apparently consumed by the flames.


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Expanded Team:
Doctor Natas

Episode Appearances


  • The first version (Earth-Two version), first appeared in All-American Comics, Vol. 1 #61 (October 1944).
  • He was named after the 19th century children's nursery rhyme.
  • He is an enemy of Green Lantern (JSA), which is Alan Scott not Hal Jordan. Despite this, he is believed to be a native of Earth-1A rather than Earth-2A due to having never been shown to have operated during the Golden Age or crossing dimensional barriers as the Earth-Two Grundy did in the comics.
  • The Earth-One version first appears in Superman, Vol 1 #319 (January, 1978).[7]

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  1. This name comes from the comics, his name was never revealed in the SuperFriends universe.
  2. He was formerly a human named Cyrus Gold, until he was murdered and his body was transformed into a Zombie.
  3. Explained in the 1978 Season 3 episode: Monolith of Evil.
  4. As revealed in Superman Vol. 1 #301 (July, 1976) which can be found at the DC Database.
  5. Go to DC Database for more on the criminal known as Parasite.
  6. As revealed in DC Comics Presents, Vol. 1 #8 (April, 1979) which can be found at the DC Database.
  7. Go to DC Database for more on Superman, Vol 1 #319 (January, 1978).

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