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King Solovar
Real name: Solovar
Species: Gorilla
Base: Gorilla City
Rogue of: Gorilla Grodd
Played by: Michael Rye

Solovar is the king of Gorilla City.

Character Biography

When Gorilla Grodd began to pursue a life of crime and joined the Legion of Doom, Solovar immediately had Grodd banished from the city, to live in man's world, outside of the dome that hides the city, that only gorillas can see.

Still, Grodd returned, and attempted to get revenge on the gorillas and take over the city, but once again he fails, and is banished to the outside once again. But Grodd decides to give it another try, but this time he would get help from the entire Legion of Doom. So by modifying Brainiac's mind control device, he is able to take control of all of the gorillas in the city, except for Solovar's, who is safe in his palace, and able to send a message to the Flash, who in turn alerts the rest of the Super Friends.


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