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'Space Knights of Camelon'
S 4 Space Knights of Camelon

October 6, 1979
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Plot Summary

After losing his memory in a massive space explosion and crashing on a futuristic medieval planet, Superman is manipulated into becoming a conqueror called The Black Knight while his fellow Super Friends struggle to stop him.


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Continuity in Other Media

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Episode Title

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The tale is an obvious reference to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The king of Camelon is even named Arthur.

Superman is suffering from amnesia when he is crowned the Black Knight. The Black Knight is mentioned in La Morte D'Arthur: The Tale of Sir Gareth (book 4) as having been killed by Gareth when he was traveling to rescue Lyonesse.

The Knights in this episode carry laser swords which are shaped exactly like the lightsabers used in Star Wars.


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Previous Episode:
Lex Luthor Strikes Back
Next Episode:
The Lord of Middle Earth
Season 4: The World’s Greatest Super Friends (1979)

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