Real name: Peter Parker
AKA: Spidey
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Marvel Universe
Hair: brown
Eyes: hazel
Base: New York City
Affiliations: Avengers
Voiced/Played: N/A

Spider-Man was a superhero from the Marvel Universe. In reality, he is Peter Parker, a photographer for the Daily Bugle.



Presumably, the Spider-Man of this reality was nothing more than a fictional character from comic books, much like Hulk, who often appeared in the same comics with him, such as The Incredible Hulk and other Marvel Comics.[1]

However it should also be noted, that it is still possible that Spider-Man did exist in this reality, because the Daily Bugle; his place of employment did exist.[2]

Alternate Earth

On this Earth, it seems likely that Spider-Man was a real person, as his teammates in the Avengers; such as Wolverine, were seen to be real on this Earth. At one point, the Avengers rescued President Barack Obama from the clutches of Lex Luthor. Whether or not Spider-Man was involved in this mission was never revealed.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Super powers


Superman and Spider-Man

Superman and Spider-Man[4]


Super Powers Collection


Spider-Man first appeared in Amazing Fantasy # 15 (August 1962).[5]


  1. This is conjecture based upon the fact that it was implied in The Maniacal Computerhead that Hulk was a fictional character, as his poster was shown on the wall of a young boy. This isn't actually proof that the character was fictional though, as he could have been real, however considering that he is a character from DC's biggest rival, that seems unlikely.
  2. As seen in Destroy the Defendroids (1988).
  3. As seen in Superman's Dark Secret (2011).
  4. As seen on the back cover of a Super Amigos comic.
  5. For more information about that Marvel comic book, click here.

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