You may be looking for Steppenwolf (SuperPowers Figure).

Darkseid of the Moon Steppenwolf
Real name: Steppenwolf
Species: New God
Homeworld: Apokolips
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: black
Eyes: red
Relatives: Darkseid (nephew)
Kalibak (great nephew)
Orion (great nephew)
Base: Apokolips
Affiliations: Darkseid's Elite
Dog Cavalry
Rogue of: Superman
Weaponry: A powerful axe
Voiced/Played: Unknown

Steppenwolf is a military commander on Apokolips, he is Darkseid's uncle and one of his many henchmen.

Background Information

On the parallel-universe of Earth-One, Steppenwolf is a New God, and a member of Darkseid's Elite. He leads the military of Apokolips and also rides a hover bike which may be at the same level of technology as Orion's.

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers



  • Electro-Axe
  • Cable Snare: fires lethal energy beams and can ensnare opponents


Super Powers Mini-comics (1984-1985):

Super Powers (video series) (1985-1986):


  • Steppenwolf first appeared in New Gods, Vol. 1 #7 (March, 1972)[1]
  • Steppenwolf was created by Jack Kirby (writer & artist).


External links


  1. Go to DC Database for more on New Gods, Vol. 1 #7 published in March, 1972.

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