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The SuperFriends #12
June-July 1978

“The Atomic Twosome”
(17 pages)
Executive Editor
Cover Artists
Ramona Fradon
Bob Smith

Ramona Fradon
Bob Smith
Gene D’Angelo
Todd Klein
Larry Hama
Main Super Heroes
Guest Heroes
Main Villain(s)
Guest starring

Previous Issue
Next Issue

The Atomic Twosome

Two radiation-based Superheroes from the past, T.N.T. and Dan the Dyna-Mite, have lost control of their powers, and the SuperFriends must find a way to capture them and remedy their situation.

More Coming Soon!

Featured Characters

Supporting Characters

Only Appearance:


First and Only Appearance:


  • This story (published on June-July 1978) is an obvious attempt to parallel the events of an Earth-One story, Superman Family, Vol. 1 #190 that was published at the same time on July, 1978.


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