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The SuperFriends #7
October 1977

“The Warning of the Wonder Twins”
(17 pages)
Executive Editor
Cover Artists
Ramona Fradon
Bob Smith

Ramona Fradon
Bob Smith
Denny O’Neil
Main Super Heroes
Guest Heroes
Main Villain(s)
Guest starring

Previous Issue
Next Issue

The Warning of the Wonder Twins

Part one of a three-issue story.

Two aliens youths (Zan and Jayna) from the planet Exxor crash-land on Earth. Not long after they arrive they inform Wendy and Marvin they overheard that Grax, Superman’s old enemy, has seeded the Earth with 12 deadly bombs scattered throughout Earth's continents. The SuperFriends summons several heroes from other nations to help defuse them.

Hawkman teams up with the Native American heroine Owlwoman, Elongated Man teams with British heroine Godiva, the Flash teams with the superfast African hero Impala, and Superman teams with the Israeli hero, the Seraph. They succeed in finding and disarming four of the bombs.

Story continues in the next two issues.

Featured Characters

Supporting Characters

First Appearance:





  1. Seraph's next appearance is in Justice League Quarterly, Vol. 1 #7 (Summer, 1992). This is the New Earth version of the character.
  2. Godiva's real name is Dorcas Leigh. She is not to be confused with the one-time Titans adversary who also went by the name of Godiva.
  3. Impala's next Earth-One appearance is in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Vol. 1 #12 (March, 1986).
  4. Owlwoman next Earth-One appearance is in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Vol. 1 #12 (March, 1986).
  5. Although this is the first time the Global Guardians are seen in a comic, they are not necessarily the Earth-One (mainstream) versions of the characters. Since these are the Earth-1A versions of theses characters, continuity is not assumed.

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