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The SuperFriends #8
November 1977

“The Mind Killers”
(17 pages)
Executive Editor
Cover Artists
Ramona Fradon
Bob Smith

Ramona Fradon
Bob Smith
Liz Berube
Clem Robins
Denny O’Neil
Main Super Heroes
Guest Heroes
Main Villain(s)
Guest starring

Previous Issue
Next Issue

The Mind Killers

Story continues from previous issue.

Warned by the Wonder Twins, the Justice League and their international hero friends look for bombs hidden by the alien villain Grax on Earth's continents.

Red Tornado joins forces with Tuatara (of New Zealand), Batman works with Bushmaster (of Venezuela), Green Lantern teams with Jack O'Lantern (of Ireland), the Atom with Rising Sun (of Japan), and Black Canary with Thunderlord (of Taiwan.) They find and disarm 5 more bombs.

The story concludes in next issue.

Featured Characters

Supporting Characters

First Appearance:





  1. Tuatara's next Earth-One appearance is in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Vol. 1 #12 (March, 1986).
  2. The Thunderlord's next Earth-One appearance is in Justice League International, Vol. 1 #12 (April, 1988).

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