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The SuperFriends #9
December 1977

“Three Ways to Kill a World”
(17 pages)
Executive Editor
Cover Artists
Ramona Fradon
Vince Colletta

Ramona Fradon
Bob Smith
Jerry Serpe
Ben Oda
Denny O’Neil
Larry Hama
Main Super Heroes
Guest Heroes
Main Villain(s)
Guest starring

Previous Issue
Next Issue

Three Ways to Kill a World

Last part of a 3-part story.

While the Justice League tries to finish the last of Grax’s bombs, Grax himself strikes at the Hall of Justice. He is defeated by Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog.

Wonder Woman teams up with the Olympian (of Greece), Aquaman with Little Mermaid (of Denmark), and Green Arrow with The Tasmanian Devil (of Australia).

They find two more bombs, but one is still missing. Then they figure out that the last bomb is hidden on Earth's last continent-Antarctica! This last bomb is sensitive to body heat, so they recruit Icemaiden (from Norway) to dismantle it.

Soon after, Wendy and Marvin announce that they are retiring. Wendy goes to Paradise Island for Amazonian training, while Marvin goes on to college. The Wonder Twins are accepted as their replacements.

Featured Characters

Supporting Characters

  • Zan (next appearance is a flashback in issue #14)
  • Jayna (next appearance is a flashback in issue #14)
  • Gleek (next appearance is a flashback in issue #14)


First and Only Appearance:




Modernized versions of Wendy and Marvin will appear in the pages of Teen Titans, Vol. 3 #33 (April, 2006).[2]


  1. The Icemaiden's next Earth-One appearance is in Infinity Inc., Vol. 1 #32 (November, 1986). She will one day become a member of Justice League International.
  2. Go to the DC Database for more on Teen Titans, Vol. 3 #33 (April, 2006).

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