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This Wiki is dedicated to Hanna-Barbera's SuperFriends that aired on Abc-logo from 1973-1985.

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Marc Tyler Nobleman was able to interview 28 voice actors, writers, and animators from the Super Friends series!

To get started, go to “Super Friends” — Introduction at Noblemania.

This is part of a larger series entitled, 'Super ‘70s and ‘80s'.

SuperFriends: Heroes and Villains

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The Wonder Twins

The Wonder Twins

The Wonder Twins are Zan and Jayna. They are both members of the Junior SuperFriends. They have super powers, but they can only activate them when they touch. Zan has the ability to morph into any form of water, while Jayna can transform into any animal.

They are an alien race called Exxorians. Their home planet is Exxor.

Zan and Jayna were born mutants on the planet Exxor. Each of them gifted with a specified aspect of shape shifting. While still infants, a great plague swept across Exxor killing hundreds, including their parents.

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About the SuperFriends

Hanna-Barbera's Super Friends

Since the 1960’s superhero cartoons had received good ratings there was interest in the early 1970’s in creating a new series; despite interest groups protesting alleged violent content.

Hanna-Barbera took the reigns and produced a new series based on the DC Comics concept of the Justice League of America called Super Friends.

Debuting on ABC on September 8th, 1973, the Super Friends concept would go through various incarnations providing DC Comics fans adventures through 1985 on ABC.

The series was successful enough to merit a Super Friends (comic book) series that ran from 1976 to 1981.


SuperFriends Comicbook Series

Video and Board Games

Superfriends Montage remix02:02

Superfriends Montage remix

Michael Kohler on Boomerang put this together

Superfriends - Entire Cast Opening Credits01:03

Superfriends - Entire Cast Opening Credits

Superheroes United!! Fan-made Roll Call

Legion Of Doom Roll Call01:48

Legion Of Doom Roll Call

Legion of Doom Roll Call

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