Super Friends and the Powerpuff Girls


The Legion of Doom have captured Wonder Woman and Aquaman and are lowering them into a vat of acid in the lair, the Hall of Doom. Just then, the Powerpuff Girls smash through the ceiling to save them. Lex Luthor is surprised and shouts: "The 'Powderpuff' Girls?!" The girls correct him and tell him there's no "D." But he responds by telling them there is a "D" in in "Destroy them." The other supervillains are if they didn't get the joke. But he repeats it, and they then realize that this was their cue to attack the young superheroes. The Powerpuff Girls beat the living snot out of the villains who fall to the ground.

Later, after the two Super Friends are untied, Aquaman thanks the girls for saving them. Blossom tells them they are big fans of "Old school" superheroes. This remark is met with a slight frown, because it seems to have kind of hurt Aquaman's feelings, thinking of himself as being "Old." Wonder Woman tells them they are developing into quite the superheroes. Bubbles then says "Maybe someday we'll be as developed as you!" Lex Luthor, who is on the floor and tied up with the other Legion members, starts to laugh like a pervert. The rest of the Legion join in. Wonder Woman crosses her arms, trying to hide her breasts, which had became the subject of the Legion's laughter. Then suddenly, a piece of debris from the ceiling where the Powerpuff Girls smashed through falls on top of Luthor's head, knocking him out. At that, the superheroes join in the laughter.


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  V o i c e   A c t o r       R o l e
 Shannon Farnon     Wonder Woman
 Norman Alden     Aquaman
 Cathy Cavadini     Blossom
 Tara Strong     Bubbles
 Elizabeth Daily     Buttercup

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