Some well known Supervillains:
Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Brainiac and Desaad[1]

A Supervillain is typically the opposite of a superhero.

Someone who is evil or misguided, usually with super powers, but sometimes just incredibly smart, mad scientists. They often commit crimes. Not all supervillains are evil. Some do believe that they are serving the greater good of mankind, but they take immoral methods to serve the greater good.

There are many supervillains in the world. There are also many supervillains that are aliens from outer space. Many of them have faced the Justice League of America on a number of occasions.

The most famous of them all are probably the Legion of Doom. Darkseid and the Joker also would be among the more famous supervillains.

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  1. As seen in the Season 5 opening theme.

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