Atlas of the DC Universe

Atlas of the DC Universe.[1]

The Atlas of the DC Universe is a book released by Mayfair Games for their DC Heroes role-playing game. The book featured many maps and details about the geography and history of the Earth within the DC Universe. The data in the book does not reflect the actual data from the comic book DC Universe, but possibly Earth-1A, as DC Heroes was labeled as a Super Powers product.[2]


Cover Art

Published by Mayfair Games Inc.


  1. This is the cover of Mayfair Games book for the DC Heroes role-playing game.
  2. The actual locations is contradictory to the locations established in the DC Comics canon, so one could conclude that the book was simply meant for the universe of the game, not the actual DCU. It is merely conjecture that the information in the book refers to the Super Friends universe, this idea being based upon the fact that DC Heroes was labeled as a Super Powers product upon its' release in 1985.

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