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The Beast Beneath These Streets

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The Beast Beneath These Streets

November 19, 1988  
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Researchers have discovered an old part of Metropolis that has been buried for a hundred years. This part of Metropolis came to be known as Old Town. According to legend, this part of Metropolis was buried a hundred years ago when a doctor named Dr. Morpheus made a machine that allowed him to steal the powers of a number of different kinds of animals. The legend turns out to be true when Morpheus who appears to be a man-bat kidnaps Lois. He lures Superman to his machine which he uses to steal Superman's powers. Using kryptonite, Superman weakens Morpheus and puts him into his machine. Superman's powers return and he immediately destroys Morpheus's machine trapping him inside it.

Superman Family Album

First Date


Clark and Lana at the concert

Clark goes on his first date with Lana Lang, when he takes her to a concert.

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