The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins
The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins
Original Channel: Adult Swim
Originally Aired: 2007
Number of Episodes: 5
Created by:
Written by:
Directed by:
Creative Director:
Produced by:
Executive Producers:
Previous Series:
The Aquaman and Friends Action Hour (2003)
Next Series:
DC Super Friends (2015)

The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins aired in 2007. It was a collection of 5 shorts, that were part of Adult Swim, shown on the official website.

These shorts, featured the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, in a far more comedic way. It parodied the original cartoons shown in The All-New Super Friends Hour. There was much more dark comedy elements in these episodes.
The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins08:53

The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins

Wonder Twins videos[1]

The Shorts


  • There are some major contradictions within the series, some of these contradictions include:
  1. In one cartoon Zan turned into feces, but it was previously established that he can only turn into water, in all its forms.
  2. In the episode that features Marvin, Wendy and Wonderdog, Marvin mentions that the Wonder Twins had got him and Wendy fired from the Super Friends. This contradicts what happened in the comics, in which it is revealed that Marvin and Wendy moved on.


  1. Uploaded from YouTube.

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