December 15, 1973
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The Planet-Splitter was the fifteenth episode of the first season of the Super Friends.


The County Museum of Art's Star of Persia exhibition is shined on by what appeared to be a laser, but the security takes little note of this, because the diamond is seemingly still there.

However it is later revealed in the Hall of Justice by the TroubAlert that the diamond was indeed stolen. Superman, Batman and Robin go to investigate, and one of the security guard's reassured the Super Friends there must have been some sort of mistake, but Batman tells him that the TroubAlert makes no mistakes. They asked if anything suspicious had happened, and he admitted that there was some sort of unexplained light shining on the diamond, and at first they thought it disappeared, but it wasn't gone. But immediately Superman is able to tell that the diamond now in the case was a fake.

Back at the Hall of Justice, Colonel Wilcox is talking to the Super Friends over the Justice League Monitor. He tells them basically what they already know, that the real Star of Persia was stolen, and replaced by a relatively worthless zircon. He asks if they have any clues to its' disappearance. Batman tells him the only thing they know, is that a red light was shining on the diamond when it was replaced by the zircon. Wilcox realizes that he sees a pattern, indicating he had seen something like that before, and Aquaman even admits that he recalls that the previous week on the cruise ship Lorelei the hundred and ten karat Mandalay diamond was stolen from the captain's safe. Wilcox then says that all occurred after the appearance of a mysterious red light. Wonder Woman then tells them that in Amsterdam the Holland Jewelry Company reported the theft of its' one hundred and twenty karat Pride of the Zider Z.[1] Marvin White tells everyone that if they find the red light they'll find the precious stones that were stolen. Wilcox tells them they must be found; and Superman says he takes it that the government doesn't believe that these were simple robberies and that they were in fact part of a larger plan. Wilcox confirms this, telling him that other governments in the world believe that as well.

Elsewhere, in a strange laboratory, two men are excited about the diamonds they had stolen, they look at a photograph of outer space that shows the star system of Cygnus Magnum star system; focusing their attention at the planet known as Cygnus-Uno, which is located in that system. They know their mission, and will do what must be done, and then they shall see who has the last laugh.

Back at the Hall, the TroubAlert sounds again, this time looking for background information about other diamonds that are more than 100 karats. Wendy Harris reads the printout, stating there are only four other diamonds in the world that are more than 100 karats. One which is in the vault of the Bank of London, which Wonder Woman checks out; another is in the tomb of the pharaoh Tutchensut[2] in Cairo, Egypt, which the Dynamic Duo check out; the third is on the yacht of multimillionaire Howard Small, in the Mid-Atlantic, which Aquaman goes to check out. The final diamond was located in a pendent worn around the neck of the wife of Jason Cadwalader, who is conducting a Benefit Circus for Deprived Children. Marvin is excited at the prospect of going to the circus, but Superman tells him that he'll have to take that responsibility, but he tells them he might be able to use their help. Robin then tells them he would have liked to check out the circus for old time's sake, since he use to be in a circus act until his parents were killed and Batman took him in. Batman admitted that he remembered Robin teaching him a few trick on the trapeze. But he tells everyone they have their assignments and they better get to them while the diamonds are still there.

While outside the Hall of Justice, at the runway and hangar, Wonder Woman takes off in her invisible jet for England and Batman and Robin take off in the Batcopter, heading for Egypt. And Aquaman swims in the Atlantic Ocean, heading toward Howard Small.

While at the circus, Superman in his disguise of Clark Kent, TV commentator for Galaxy Communications, arrives at the circus grounds with the kids and Wonder Dog. Clark tells them there won't be any action under the Big Top until Mrs. Cadwalader presents the plaque to the ringmaster. He asks the kids if they would like to go on some rides first, and Wendy said the Roller coaster looks fun. Marvin then tells him that he wants to throw some baseballs and win some prizes.

While Wendy enjoys her roller coaster ride, Marvin plays his carnival game by trying to throw balls at some bottles to knock them over, but he doesn't succeed, and therefore doesn't win the Kewpie Doll. The Carny invites others to step right up to give it a try, three tries for 25 cents, and Marvin decides to give it another try, pulling out another quarter.

Circus building

A building at the circus.

Meanwhile, a circus truck driven by the two men who stole the diamonds, is driving through the circus grounds. They stop the truck, and the bald man, who was the driver, hands balloons to the other guy and tells him that the red balloon must be focused on the Big Top. He walks to the back of the vehicle and sits in a chair with a hydraulic lift.

Back at the carnival game, The carny assumes that Marvin is out of quarters, but Marvin tells him he's going to try one more time.

While inside the Big Top, Clark Kent asks Mrs. Cadawalder if she's worried about what might happen to her diamond, but she tells him she is not, since she has with her three of the greatest detectives in the world.

Outside the Big Top, the two proclaim that the balloons are in place, and that they are ready for the theft.

Back inside, the diamond-jewelry wearing woman gives a plaque to the ringmaster on behalf of the board of directors from her organization.

Outside, the balloons are activated, and a series of rays similar in look to lasers shine down on the Big Top, the doctor tells Wilbur to activate the hydraulic lift, and he does, and it lifts him over the truck, and he aims the ray directly at the diamond pendant. Clark then transforms into Superman when no one was looking, and the woman notices the ray shining on her diamond. Wendy in the Roller coaster also notices, and she sees that it is coming from the circus wagon.

Back under the Big Top, she worriedly asks what is happening to her beautiful diamond. Superman tells her it's being stolen. He flies off to see what's going on, while outside, the hydraulic lift is retracted, and brought back down into the truck. The decoy balloons are sent up into the air, and the situation causes the elephants to panic, and they pull their stake out of the ground, going on a rampage through the Animal Compound and breaking a gorilla out of his cage. The gorilla makes his way to the carnival game that Marvin was playing, and the carny asks Marvin if he'd like to have another go, but Marvin, looking at the gorilla tells him to let the guy "in the fur coat go first." The gorilla grabs the ball and tosses it, knocking over every single bottle. He is then handed a Kewpie Doll. It is just then that Marvin realizes that he is actually a gorilla, and he runs off in fright. Overhead, Superman collects all of the balloons, and heads back to the Hall of the Justice League, leaving the kids to enjoy the circus.

Wendy walks toward the Big Top, and points to the spot where the circus wagon was that was firing that beam of light. Marvin rushes toward her and tells her a gorilla is loose, while nervously biting his finger nails. An animal trainer leads the gorilla back to his cage, and Wendy tells Marvin to forget the gorilla, she saw the red beam and a circus wagon, they don't know how to find it, but Wonder Dog, "makes like a roller coaster," as Marvin says, somehow interpreting his movements as being an imitation of a roller coaster; and they all decide to get on the roller coaster so they will be much higher and stand a chance of spotting the truck. They then spot it on a country highway. As soon as they get off of the roller coaster, they get on their bikes, and take off after them. Since they were on their bikes rather than in a motor vehicle, they assumed that they had lost them, but they see tire tracks heading toward a side road.


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  V o i c e   A c t o r       R o l e
 Danny Dark     Superman
 Olan Soule     Batman
 Casey Kasem     Robin
 Shannon Farnon     Wonder Woman
 Norman Alden     Aquaman
 Frank Welker     Marvin White
 Sherry Alberoni     Wendy Harris
 Frank Welker     Wonder Dog
  G u e s t   C a s t  
 Casey Kasem     Security guard # 1
 Danny Dark     Security guard # 2
      Doctor LeBon
      Howard Small
      Mrs. Cadwalader
 Casey Kasem     Jor-El
 Sherry Alberoni     Lara
 Olan Soule     Lo-Di
 Sherry Alberoni     Mia
      Science Council member
      Martha Kent
      Jonathan Kent
      Mr. Warner
 Norman Alden     Doctor Brown

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Season 1: SuperFriends (1973)


  1. Don't know if that's right, I'll have to consult the DVD subtitles before making and article.
  2. Yeah I doubt it...consult the subtitles.
  3. Referenced only, not shown.

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