Filmation Character
Tree Man
Tree Man
Real Name  Unrevealed[1]
Species  Arboran
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Homeworld  Arbora
Universe  Earth-1A
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Hair Color  none
Eye Color  black
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Apprentice to 
Enemy of  Superman
Abilities  Can grow in size when it drinks water
Played by  N/A

The Tree Man is an alien plant monster from the planet Arbora.


The Tree Man was just a seedling from Arbora that was planted on a meteor that crashed into the Earth, in the Western Desert. After thousands of years, the creature started growing and drinking water from all over the area, causing it to become a giant. Superman arrived on the scene and took him to the planet Arbora, where his people, the Arborans are from.

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers




The New Adventures of Superman


  1. The creature was referred to as "Tree Man" on Earth, which is technically where it was born, as it was only a seedling during its' trip on the meteor through outer space. So one could say that "Tree Man" is it's real name, as it was likely the only one ever given to it at least at that point. Further, it's unknown if the Tree Man's people even posses sentience, so they may not name their young.

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