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SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Real name: Jeremy Wakefield
Species: Mutant
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Base: formerly New Zealand
Affiliations: Global Guardians

Global Guardians Team Member

Jeremy Wakefield

Tuatara's Earth-One appearance.

Jeremy Wakefield was a mutant, born on New Zealand with three eyes and the ability to see into the future. As Tuatara, he became a member of the Global Guardians. He usually resided in water because "water is timeless"

Earth-1A Background Information


In late 1977, the alien conqueror known as Grax attempted to seed the Earth with a series of highly-advanced bombs. Tuatara teamed up with Justice League member Red Tornado in an effort to stop Grax's efforts.

During this time, he met Tornado's allies, the SuperFriends, as well as several other international heroes including Bushmaster, Jack O’Lantern‎‎, Rising Sun and Thunderlord. Before long, these heroes banded together as the Global Guardians.

When not adventuring with the Global Guardians, Tuatara prefers keeping himself immersed within a body of water.

Tuatara sustained a massive head trauma while fighting Fain Y'onia. He is currently in a coma.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Tuatara 1 (Issue 8)

Tuatara's appearance in the SuperFriends comic book, issue #8.

  • Pre-cognition: His third eye enables him to see into 4 Dimensions, which gives him precognitive abilities, allowing him to see the future.
  • Retro-cognition: His third eye also gives him superhuman senses that allows him to see into the past.




  • Tuatara is one of the few characters in the DC Universe who is considered a true Mutant. In all likelihood, he probably possesses the Meta-gene, which enables him to see into the future. Most mutants in the DC Universe are commonly referred to as Metahumans, to differentiate them from the more popular Mutants of Marvel Comics.


  1. As revealed in Justice League Quarterly, Vol. 1 #17 (Winter 1994)