Filmation Character
Uncle Marvel
Uncle Dudley 2 (Wow Comics 18)
Real name: Dudley
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-S
Base: Fawcett City
Marvel Estate
Affiliations: Marvel Family
Voiced/Played: Alan Oppenheimer

Marvel Family Member

Uncle Dudley and Mentor (Shazam 26)

Uncle Dudley as Mentor in Shazam! #26 (Dec 1976)

Uncle Dudley is the caretaker of the Marvel Estate and guardian of Mary and Billy Batson.

Background Information

In the parallel universe of Earth-S, Mary comes across a man claiming to be her Uncle Dudley from California. He is aware of Captain Marvel and claims he has powers too. In reality, he is a quick change artist. Every time Mary says Shazam and is struck by lightning he quickly changes into Uncle Marvel.[1] The Marvels, possessing the wisdom of Solomon, saw through Dudley's machinations, but since he was, in their opinion such a "lovable old fraud", they allowed Dudley to join the team as their manager Uncle Marvel and humored his pretense of having Marvel powers. When asked to make use of his supposed superpowers, Dudley would always complain that his "shazambago" was acting up and was interfering with his powers, though the Marvels always knew better.[2]

He played this charade for the next 13 years. Then one day, Billy, Mary and Freddy disappear. After 20 years, they reappear, looking exactly the same.[3]

Shortly after this, young Billy, Mary and Freddie are summoned to the wizard Shazam, along with a mysterious figure. It turns out to be Uncle Dudley! The wizard proceeds to tell them that Dr. Sivana’s boasts of destroying America city by city and that its up to Captain Marvel to stop him. He will be accompanied by his Uncle, who tells Billy that Mr. Morris at WHIZ has arranged for the two of them to tour the country in an RV doing series of ‘specials on young people.’ The wizard then tells Dudley that he will be like ‘Mentor’ in “ancient times – the fiend of 'Odysseus' and teacher of that hero’s son, Telemachus”. Billy will not need to contact the wizard while on the road, he can contact the six elders directly via the "Eterni-Phone". Freddie and Mary are told to remain behind to fight injustice and evil awaiting Billy’s return. Billy and his ‘Mentor’ spend the next few years on the road before returning home to do battle with Black Adam.[4]



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  • Uncle Dudley was clearly modeled after W. C. Fields.

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