SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Undine 1
Species: Human and
Elemental Spirit
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: red
Abilities: Hydrokinesis
Mind Reading
Undine 4

The elemental, Undine was summoned by Sandor Fane aka the The Overlord to inhabit the body of Gotham City socialite Crystal Marr; the famous writer and friend to Bruce Wayne. Sandor also created a hooded costume for Crystal to wear. This costume was not conceived well.


Undine Crystal

Crystal Marr

Background Information

One night at a dinner party with Mr. Wayne, Crystal Marr, Jeannine Gale, Ginger O’Shea, Grant Arden, and Sandor Fane and others were talking about Sandor's studies on Paracelsus and his studies of Alchemy. He told them he had discovered a way of summoning the four spirits of the elements.

After dinner, Bruce took off to protect the city and Sandor kidnapped Jeannie, Crystal, Ginger, and Grant to test his theory of inhabiting with the spirits of the elements.

Sandor Fane aka the Overlord tells the elementals about the SuperFriends and how they were evil. After hearing this, the elementals decide to put an end to the SuperFriends. The Overlord then gave them costumes to hide their hosts identities, and then stationed each one of them at a location for each member of the Super Friends to face.

Crystal was stationed on an island in the Pacific Ocean and her target was Aquaman. Once Aquaman arrived she revealed herself and attacked him with powerful waves. Aquaman was overwhelmed with her control over the waves, she then decided to show him her shapeshifting abilities by turning into a gorilla. Gleek then arrived and wrapped his long tail around her while Aquaman called a flock of seagulls to drop rocks on her. She then surrender and apologized to him for attacking him, and telling him she was tricked into attacking him.

Soon all the elementals are subdued by the SuperFriends who eventually decide to help them become heroes. Ginger creates a costume for each one of them that reacts with their powers.

The Overlord broadcasts that he would attack selected locations each residing with the four elements. The Undine goes with Aquaman to protect Atlantis form the Overlord attack. When they arrived they saw he was using greek fire to destroy Atlantis. Crystal creates a whirlpool to block the greek fire while Aquaman went on board the ship to stop it from releasing the greek fire. Upon completion, the pair returns to the Hall of Justice.  

The Elemental Undine:
According to a theory advanced by Paracelsus, an Undine is a water nymph or water spirit; the elemental of water, that are usually found in forest pools and waterfalls. They have beautiful voices, which are sometimes heard over the sound of water.  


Inhabited by the elemental Undie, Crystal has:



  • Undines (Latin: unda — a wave) are elementals, enumerated as the water elementals in works of alchemy by Paracelsus.[1]
  • According to some legends, undines cannot get a soul unless they marry a man and bear him a child. This aspect has led them to be a popular motif in romantic and tragic literature.
  • In 18th century Scotland, undines were also referred to as the wraiths of water. Even then, they were not feared as other wraiths.
  • In Greek mythology, the Naiads or Naiades (Ναϊάδες from the Greek νάειν, "to flow," and νἃμα, "running water") were a type of nymph who presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, and brooks.[2]
  • They are distinct from river gods, who embodied rivers, and the very ancient spirits that inhabited the still waters of marshes, ponds and lagoon-lakes, such as pre-Mycenaean Lerna in the Argolid.
  • Naiads were associated with fresh water, as the Oceanids were with saltwater and the Nereids specifically with the Mediterranean, but because the Greeks thought of the world's waters as all one system, which percolated in from the sea in deep cavernous spaces within the earth, there was some overlap. Arethusa, the nymph of a spring, could make her way through subterranean flows from the Peloponnesus, to surface on the island of Sicily.

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  2. Go to Encyclopedia Mythica for more on Naiads

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