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'Universe of Evil'
S 4 The Universe of Evil

October 20, 1979
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Plot Summary

As Superman attempts to stop an erupting volcano, he finds himself mysteriously transported into an alternate universe where its counterparts of the Super Friends (called the Super Enemies) are evil, while its Superman deals with the Super Friends in their own universe. Fleeing from both the Super Enemies and from the authorities armed with Kryptonite weapons, the Super Friends Superman gets help from a professor at Metropolis University who gives him an anti-matter flask that would help him return to his own universe if he gets to the exact spot where he had entered the Super Enemies' universe. As Superman reaches the spot, he opens the flask and causes himself and his Super Enemies counterpart to switch places and return back to their respective universes.


The Universe of Evil is clearly not Earth-Three as the Crime Syndicate of America only had five members and had different names (Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring, and Johnny Quick) from the Super Enemies.

In terms of names Universe of Evil is closer to Earth-148 but that reality had heroic versions of Lex Luthor, Clayface, and the Rogues while this reality seems to have no heroes (Earth-Three had a heroic Lex Luthor and that was it).

In terms of tone this reality is closer to that of the Antimatter Universe Earth where the Crime Syndicate of Amerika were totally ruthless in their actions than either Earth-Three or Earth-148.

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The Lord of Middle Earth
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Terror at 20,000 Fathoms
Season 4: The World’s Greatest Super Friends (1979)

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