Frankenstein's Monster
Victor Frankensteins monster
Real name: none
AKA: Frankenstein
Species: Frankenstein monster
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: black
Base: Transylvania

Victor Frankenstein's monster was a monster that he created, in an effort to create life. But the monster ended up being a force of terror, and so Frankenstein pursues his creation to the arctic to destroy him, but he fails, and he contracts pneumonia and dies. This causes the monster to feel remorse, so he commits suicide, by burning himself alive.


Although Victor Frankenstein was killed, his descendants continued his work, creating monsters over the years. One of the monsters created was called Superstein. Superstein too created Frankenstein monsters. He even married a female Frankenstein monster. Doctor Frankenstein, a descendant of the original, created a monster that was so powerful it nearly destroyed all of the Superfriends. Luckilly, Robin was able to transfer all of their powers into his body and fight the monster and defeat it. A man named Gork also created Frankenstein monsters, under the service of both Doctor Frankenstein and Superstein. There were also several films written based upon him, such as Frankenstein 2000 Meets the She Wolf.

Powers and Abilities

Super powers



  • Electricity: Frankenstein can be "shut down" if hit with an electrical jolt of the same voltage and frequency as the jolt which first animated him.
  • Witch Brands: He has a weakness to the witch-brands used by the residents of Limbo Town.
  • Power Limitation: Due to his undead state, he cannot heal from major injuries, and thus such injuries would require replacement parts.

In the comics

Frankenstein's Monster, often referred to as Frankenstein for short, originally appeared in the Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus. Frankenstein has also appeared in DC Comics on multiple occasions. He made his first appearance in a Batman story in Detective Comics, which was set on Earth-Two. In the Earth-One continuity, he had his own series in volume two of the Phantom Stranger comic title, starting in number 23. In the New Earth continuity and later The New 52 continuity, Frankenstein becomes a member of the Super Human Advanced Defense Executive (S.H.A.D.E.).


Frankenstein's Monster made his first DC appearance in Detective Comics, Vol. 1 #135 (May 1948).[1]

Frank in the comics

Frankenstein in the comics[2]


The World’s Greatest Super Friends (1979)


  1. Go to the DC Database for more on the Detective Comics, Vol. 1 #135 published in May of 1948
  2. This is The New 52 version of the character.

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