An underwater volcano[1]

In the field of geology, a volcano is a rupture in a planet or other celestial body's crust, which causes hot magma and volcanic ash to be released to the surface from below.

A volcano nearly destroys a village in Mexico, but Superman saves the village. However that same volcano also spawned a strange race of Lava Men.[2]

The Pacific volcanic island of Malaba, is the only active volcano in the world that erupts every three hours and ten minutes. Kolbar used this island as his hideout.[3]

Marvin White, Wendy Harris, Wonder Dog and Director Wimple thought there may have been a volcano when Superman landed on the roof of the Seismological Bureau building just a little too hard.[4]

The Lava Men caused the Ocean City Volcano to erupt when they ascended to the surface.[5]

A volcanic fissure spewing blue flames made it extremely hot in one region of Molesville where a bunch of diamonds were located. This proved to make things difficult for the Mole family to gather the diamonds.[6]


Super Friends


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