Marvin White's Pet and Mascot

Wonder Dog
WD 3
Real name: Wonder Dog
AKA: Wonder
Species: Half bloodhound
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Sex: Male
Hair: Gray fur
Base: Hall of Justice
White's residence
Affiliations: Junior SuperFriend
Abilities: freakishly high intelligence
Played by: Frank Welker
WD 1

Wonder Dog is Marvin's half-bloodhound pet dog.[1] Marvin has him all dressed up in a superhero costume, since he views his dog as his sidekick.

Episode Appearances


Wonder Dog DCAU

The Beast

  • Wonder Dog is allergic to almonds.
  • Although he is an animal without the ability to speak, he does have a knack for barking in such a way that he can at times be understood. He also communicates to others by gestures and acting out scenes.
  • Although not as intelligent as humans,[2] Wonder Dog seems to be quite a bit more intelligent than most ordinary bloodhounds, and at times, it is Wonder Dog that figures out something that Marvin and Wendy are completely stumped on.
  • Wonder Dog was created by E. Nelson Bridwell.
  • According to series writer/producer Dwayne McDuffie, 'Wonder Dog' made a cameo appearance on the animated series, Justice League Unlimited, in the episode "Ultimatum" as the "beast that threw itself against the bars".[3]
  • Wonder Dog made his first DC Comics appearance in Teen Titans Vol 3 # 62. Here is shown to be an evil Hellhound and an agent of the supervillain King Lycus.

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WD 2

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  1. It is revealed in Season 1 that Wonder Dog is half-bloodhound. It's not certain what the other half is.
  2. As mentioned in the season 1 episode The Shamon U.
  3. The Justice League Unlimited episode: Ulimatum at the Watchtower. Also, go the DCAU wiki for a thorough review of the episode: Ultimatum.'

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