The Wonder Twins
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Wonder Twins
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To become SuperFriends
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Wonder Twin powers...activate!

— The Wonder Twins

The Wonder Twins are Zan and Jayna. They are both members of the Junior SuperFriends. They have super powers, but they can only activate them when they touch. Zan has the ability to morph into any form of water, while Jayna can transform into any animal.


They are an alien race called Exxorians. Their home planet is Exxor.


Continuity from SuperFriends Comic Book
Zan and Jayna were born mutants on the planet Exxor. Each of them gifted with a specified aspect of shape shifting. While still infants, a great plague swept across Exxor killing hundreds, including their parents. The twins were raised in an interplanetary circus until such time that they came of age. While there they cared for Gleek. Soon they became frustrated with the enslaved life of a carnival performer, so they fled from Exxor and traveled to Earth where they eventually aided the Super Friends in battling the forces of Grax.[1] Not long after the Wonder Twins first arrive on earth and help the Super Friends defeat Grax, their english is still not the greatest. The Super Friends ask Professor Nichols if he would allow them to stay with him so he could teach them how to adjust to their new life on earth. He accepts, and he becomes their mentor.[2] Meanwhile, the Super Friends also assist in training them at the Hall of Justice.[3]


The Wonder Twins and Their Mascot


  • Some people believe that the Wonder Twins are responsible for originating the ultra-hip "fist bump" maneuver with their "wonder Twin powers, activate!" transformation maneuver.
  • The Wonder Twins made their first appearance in Super Friends # 7. Although they were created for the series, their first appearance was in the comic book.
  • In the episode "Universe of Evil", the Wonder Twins' counterparts (from the Super Enemies) appear on screen but don't have any dialogue (they are only seen in shadow, in the darkened Hall of Evil). Evil Gleek does, however, have a starring role in the episode.

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Wonder Twins early concept art

Early artwork by the late Alex Toth depicting a very different looking Wonder Twins and Gleek. Notice that the letter "D" and "M" are on Zan and Gleek's costumes, rather than "Z" and "G." This is because while they were under development, they were originally going to be called Dick, Jane and Mighty Monkey.


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  2. As shown in the comic book Super Friends #10
  3. As shown in various issues of the Super Friends comics as well as the series.

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