SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Real name: Zatanna Zatara
Species: Metahuman
Homo magi
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Abilities: Magical powers
Zatanna Zatara is the daughter of magician Giovanni Zatara and Sindella; who were from the parallel-universe of Earth-Two, and members of the mystical “Homo magi” race.[1] By virtue of birth then, Zatanna is also a member of the Homo magi race.

Background Information

On the parallel-universe of Earth-One, Zatanna made her living as a successful stage illusionist prior to discovering her magical abilities while investigating the disappearance of her father.

Continuity from the Earth-1A Universe[2]

In late 69', Batman, Robin, Hawkgirl, Hawkman,[3] the Atom,[4] Elongated Man,[5] and Green Lantern[6] helped Zatanna search for her father.[?] This quest lasted till early 72'. During which, she was successfully reunited with him. Their time together was short, and unfortunately, both of her parents were killed on separate occasions while saving her life.[7]

In late 75' Zantanna was seen as a wax-figure in the Hall of Justice, by Marvin and Wendy on a short tour.

Zatanna assists the Justice League of America on a number of cases before being elected to membership in late 1978.[8]

Powers and Abilities

Sorcery: Zatanna is a homo magi, a human born with the affinity to manipulate magic.

  • Elemental Sorcery: With her magic Zatanna has shown a greatest affinity to manipulate the elements of the Earth.


  • Mnemonic Incantation: Zatanna must concentrate on her magic to make sure she is using the proper spell. It is at this point where she is most vulnerable. Mnemonic incantation is the most complicated of the mystic arts. It appears that this is well known to her enemies.
  • Higher-Level Magics: If the magic power-level of her opponent is higher than hers, then it would be extremely difficult for her to win a battle. In addition, it is difficult to impossible to affect a spell that was set in motion with higher-level magics.


Magic Wand: Often seen with a magic wand, although whether it is a stage prop or an actual focus for her powers remains unknown. She doesn't need it though, considering her recent appearances without one and being able to cast spells effectively.


As a Wax Figure in late 1975:


  • Zatanna first appears in Hawkman, Vol. 1 #4 (October-November 1964).[9]
  • She was created by Gardner Fox and artist Murphy Anderson.
  • Zatanna appeared next in Hawkman, Vol. 2 #4,[10] because she and Shayera Hol (Hawkgirl) had become close friends.

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